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What Can A Chiropractor Help Treat?

Migraines and Headaches:
Sufferers of migraines and headaches often experience relief following a chiropractic adjustment, particularly when that treatment is combined with care for the surrounding muscles. A common cause of headaches is tightness of the muscles in the neck which are associated with restricted joints, and these tight muscles can place pressure on structures at the base of the skull resulting in a migraine like pain called a cervicogenic headache (headache associated with neck pain). The diagnosis of migraines (figuring out if it is a headache or a true migraine) is not an easy task, as many of the symptoms are very similar. It is common for a migraine to be felt on one side of the head more than the other, but this can also be true of headaches where one side of the neck has more joint restrictions and, as a result, has tighter muscles than the other. Many headache and migraine sufferers will comment that the problem always arises at the same time as their neck pain. A chiropractor allows us to restores movement to the joints of the spine (in this case, the head and neck) which takes pressure off of the nerves in the region and allows the surrounding muscles to relax, relieving many of the symptoms of the headache or migraine in the process. Treatment of these conditions with chiropractic adjustment can help by reducing the frequency (how often), severity (how bad), or duration (how long) of a headache or migraine, or a combination of those three!

Back Pain and Neck Pain:
For patients who suffer back pain, it is very common to feel a general tightness which sometimes becomes sharp. The muscles of the back can become tight in response to pain in the joints of the spine in an attempt to support the area, this tightness can end up contributing to the back pain. Low back pain, midback pain (between the shoulder blades) and neck pain can often be treated very effectively with chiropractic adjustment. Low back pain often arises after a small movement which causes a slight jolt and results in injury to a joint, when this occurs, there is inflammation in the area which can affect the muscles and nerves, and the body restricts the movement of the joint to prevent further back pain. In order to resolve this issue, your chiropractor can apply adjustments to those joints to stop them being restricted and take pressure off of the nearby structures. In particular low back pain and neck pain sufferers often feel a stiffness which resolves for a short time after a massage or stretching, but returns again shortly after. These cases commonly arise when the muscles are tightening to prevent the movement of a restriction, so no matter how often the muscles are relieved, neck pain or back pain will reoccur as long as the muscles are responding to that painful joint.

Shoulder Pain:
The shoulder is a highly complex structure, and determining the exact cause of shoulder pain can be a difficult endeavour as many of the parts of the joint have referral patterns to areas distant from the problem itself. Shoulder pain felt just between the shoulder blades can often arise when one of the joints in the midback is restricted. This can result in local pain, shoulder pain referred to the joint itself, and even neck pain or headaches. Restoring motion to these joints is the specialty of your chiropractor and, with the return of movement to the joint, the surrounding muscles and nerves are able to relax. In this way, chiropractic adjustment of the midback can have wonderful results on shoulder pain, neck pain, and other remote areas, not to mention chiropractic adjustment of restricted joints in the shoulder itself!

If you need a chiropractor in Byford areas, we can help you. We also provide acupuncture services for pain relief.

Dr. Aaron Albrecht (DC, B/Chiro, B/Sci (Chiropractic)

Special Interests:
Headaches and migraines
Disc Injuries
Neck, midback, and low back pain
Osteoarthritis of the spine

Services Provided:
Dry Needling
Active and Passive Stretching
Home Exercise Plans

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